Zotec Partners began business in 1998 – and our timing couldn’t have been better. Just as the country was shrugging off the mid-1990s healthcare reforms proposed by the Clinton administration, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Emergency Medicine physicians and Pathologists found themselves faced with more complex rules and regulations to secure payment for their work. Traditional fee-for-service medicine was disappearing, to be replaced by a laundry list of reasons why a physician’s payments could be denied. Managed care plans and major payers seemed bent on making it as difficult as possible for healthcare providers to bill and collect for their services.

During the 1990s, physicians’ take-home pay relied on a combination of older billing technology and a large billing office staff – created and trained for simpler times and reimbursement rules. Moving into the 21st century, complex contractual arrangements, increasing denials and the soaring price of healthcare insurance benefits meant more billing people were needed – and at a higher cost. Almost overnight, practices were spending a much higher percentage of revenues to run their business offices just as physician reimbursement came under further downward pressure. In this environment Zotec came to the market with a new business model to automate traditional billing processes: to use computerized technology and skilled billing specialists to replace the combination of paper and people, to reduce costs, and to increase physician income.

More than a decade later there are more rules and regulations than ever, and the importance of specialist resources to protect physicians from payer denials and against increasing business costs is paramount. Using our technology we provide specialized billing services to Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Emergency Medicine physicians and Pathologists. Our Electronic Billing Center software features intelligent design to anticipate all the reasons why a claim may be denied, and enables Zotec Partners to pursue all charges to completion. It allows us to monitor the terms and conditions of your payer contracts to ensure you're paid as agreed for your services. And it gathers data and generates reports to equip your practice with the information needed to run a successful business.

Today the physician revenue cycle industry, once regarded as a necessary backroom function after the doctor had treated the patient, is tasked with using innovative technology and new processes to provide physicians with savings and valuable information. Enhanced technology and specific expertise in medical billing are essential to optimize income, minimize costs, and provide organized data to support informed business decisions.

Zotec’s expert coders ensure reports are correctly coded and physicians are continually educated on correct coding techniques to optimize reimbursement. Our account managers work closely with practices to provide the advice and information needed to balance workload with physician staffing, to negotiate payer contracts, and to manage your medical business most effectively.

Whether we do your billing or you license our technology, Zotec Partners levels the playing field between major payers and physicians. The net result is reduced billing costs, increased income, and access to information to make your business competitive.

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